St. Albert living at Norissa Heights Real Estate Properties
Live in St. Albert at Norissa heights St. Albert. Homes at Norissa heights St. Albert are luxurious.

When you live at Norissa heights St. Albert you get the best of both worlds. Living at Norissa heights St. Albert is of course one of the reasons for doing this. You are living in a beautiful city that you have always known to be home. Your family lives in the area and your friends do as well. This is a great community for you to raise a family and the commute to work is not that bad. The other reason to live at Norissa heights St. Albert is that you are living in a brand new two storey duplex. These homes are designed to be maintenance free exteriors and have plenty of room for you to enjoy.

Enjoying the afternoons at Norissa heights St. Albert
When you live at Norissa heights St. Albert you really are close to walking trails and ponds. This is great for those nice sunny afternoon walks. You will meander around the trails and take your time to enjoy life. Really there is no rush and the pace is as slow as you like. Whether you are home for a break from work or home because you deserve it, you can enjoy the Norissa heights St. Albert. The nice walking trails and ponds will help you relax and get to really enjoy living in St. Albert. There is so much nice areas to walk around in and enjoy. Your family will also enjoy spending time and widling away the afternoons. Of course you can also enjoy the nice evenings or mornings here.

St. Albert exploring
If you have a passion for living in Norissa heights St. Albert then you will want to explore the area fully. Living at Norissa heights St. Albert gives you the time to walk around the area and get to know all the details. You will want to make time to see the nice walking trails. There really are quite a few and they connect you all around the city if you followed them to their full walking potential. Of course for those shorter walks you will follow just a few of the close by trails from Norissa heights St. Albert. It’s up to you to enjoy as much or as little as you like. If your busy lifestyle makes you tired then get some nice restful sleep in your Norissa heights St. Albert home. It’s just as relaxing inside as it is outside.

Norissa heights St. Albert amenities
The homes at Norissa heights St. Albert are two storey duplex style. You will enjoy living in homes that have zero exterior maintenance and while giving you the beautiful landscaped yards to enjoy. The homes interiors are arhcitecturally designed to give you the luxury that you deserve. These homes are 1,270 square foot.

Contact Norissa heights St. Albert
For more information, you can contact Norissa heights St. Albert’s presentation center. The location is at the corner of Northbridge Drive and Groux Road near the St. Albert Trail. Norissa heights St. Albert presentation center hours are Monday – Thursday from 1-5pm and Fri closed. Saturday to Sunday and holidays from 1pm-5pm.