Viva la St. Albert Edmonton
St. Albert is one of the oldest communities in Edmonton. St. Albert is part French and continues to have it’s French traditions and population.

If you hear French in the streets of St. Albert you are not mistaken. Yes people in St. Albert can speak French and have probably done that for generations. The French have settled in the area early in the century and have made this a part of their home ever since. So these French speaking people aren’t from Quebec but are now actually native of the Edmonton area.

Vibrant community in St. Albert
A vibrant community exists in St. Albert. The people here have spanned many generations and you will notice many families in this community. People in St. Albert have a proud community. They really enjoy the place they live and are proud to be a part of this growing community. Everywhere you look you will see there are many shops and many things to do in this small community. And the shops all have a nice French or native feeling to them. There is a lot of artists in the area as well as you notice the artwork all around the city. The best thing to do is to enjoy a cup of coffee in downtown St. Albert while you sit by the river that flows around the city.

St. Albert location
The city of St. Albert is located just 10 minutes north of the North West Edmonton area. This is really an extension of the city of Edmonton as most people in St. Albert work in Edmonton. If you are travelling to St. Albert from the Edmonton International Airport then you will want to take the Calgary Trail or Highway 2 into the city. From there you have man ways to get to St. Albert. One of the best ways that just opened up recently is the Anthony Henday Drive. The new Anthony Henday Drive is a ring road that will eventually take you all around Edmonton. To get to St. Albert you would connect to the Anthony Henday from Calgary Trail on the south side. You continue west and travel North on the highway. Once you get to Stony Plain Road you would take this exit and head east. You would then reach 170th St. and continue north. St. Albert is about 15 minutes from this location.

The beautiful city of St. Albert
Once you come to the city of St. Albert you will fall in love instantly. Perhaps you have seen pictures of St. Albert in books or online and noticed the nice architecture of the buildings and the beautiful river that flows all through the city. St. Albert has many hills and is really quite a beautifully designed city. The houses and buildings have nice French architecutural designs and reflect a very simple and elegant era. You will notice that many of the shops are also so beautifully designed and remind you of a time that has really been lost or one you only see in small European cities. The city always has a nice cool breeze that keeps it very cool and peaceful. This is an ideal city to spend a lazy afternoon with nothing to worry about except enjoying the sunny afternoon.