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BC Resort Real Estate is the Hot Commodity for Albertans seeking Affordable Recreational Property and Fractional Ownership
With Jasper and Banff being the reliable recreational properties available in Alberta, many people living in Edmonton and Calgary are looking at other resort property in British Columbia. The pre-construction BC resort vacation real estate in places like the Okanagan and Vancouver Island as well as Squamish and Whistler have become great investment choices for Albertans looking for prime waterfront, beachfront and mountain resort real estate at affordable pricing. Read below for some of your choices in the BC presales marketplace today.

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own recreational property along the water or beach? Or have you ever talked to your spouse about purchasing the family cottage or chalet in the mountains? More Albertans now are ready to invest their money and time into purchasing vacation homes than ever before. Due to the bustling economy or increase in wealth and spending habits of those people living in Edmonton and Calgary, the disposable incomes of many couples are at the all-time high.

Buying your first BC resort recreational property is just a click away
As you probably know, British Columbia is home to some of the most sought after resort and recreational pre-construction and presales real estate properties in the world. Ideally situated along the west coast of Canada, there is tonnes of affordable real estate choices for recreational property both along the west coast of the province as well as the many islands off the coastline. As an Albertan, you can see the great potential in investing in resort British Columbia real estate at the moment as the prices are affordable and your dream of owning a vacation beachfront or waterfront BC property is well within your purchasing limits. There are many choices as you can look at fractional ownership opportunities on Vancouver Island including places like Nanaimo, the ever vibrant towns of Victoria (capital of BC) as well as Parksville, or you may prefer the west coast of Vancouver Island resort real estate at Long Beach and Tofino. Other places of interest for Albertans investing in BC resort real estate include the west coast that includes the Sunshine Coast (Sechelt) as well as down towards the US border in White Rock. As you noticed, many of these real estate recreational properties are directly advertising and marketing to Albertans as the choices in Alberta resort presales properties are dwindling by the hour. The Okanagan has opened up and grown into a world-class location for summer and winter resort property investments and investing for home owners seeking a quick getaway to the beachfront cottage or the mountain resort chalet during the winter. Whatever your tastes, Albertans are buying and scooping up recreational BC real estate very quickly, so if you want to purchase an affordable recreational property or vacation home, now is the best time to do so. Just a quick drive or plane ride away, beautiful British Columbia never felt so close and within grasp for many Albertans until now. Read below for the many fractional ownership and shared quarter ownership models available in teh Okanagan, Vancouver Island as well as the west Coast of BC in addition to whole ownership of properties that include waterfront and mountain homes that are currently available in this section and updated regularly.

Resort Real Estate in the Okanagan B.C.
If you are a resident of Alberta, you must have seen the billboards and ads about the all year resort properties currently marketed in the Okanagan. With more than fifty per cent of all marketing budgets going towards Alberta (especially Calgary and Edmonton), it is no wonder why most of the new owners of recreational property in the interior of BC comes from AB. With large salary increases, low taxes and mortgage rates as well as an ideally close location, the Okanagan has opened its doors to investors and recreational home real estate purchasers from Alberta and they are coming in droves. From Kelowna to Kamloops and from Summerland to Osoyoos, the BC Okanagan real estate recreational properties come in a variety of forms. Firstly, you have many lakes in the B.C. Interior and therefore, many resort properties are lakefront or riverfront or have water views. In addition, the pre-construction Okanagan real estate developments that Albertans are snatching up include mountain chalets and winter vacation homes near or on ski resorts such as Big White, Kicking Horse and Sun Peaks to name a few. With such an abundance of recreational style properties available in the Okanagan of BC, many of these resort homes are getting up there in pricing and rival those of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. However, there are some great presales condo style residences, chalets, waterfront villas and estates still available for not too big of an investment and they are surely to rise in popularity and pricing through the next decade. Wine country, ski resorts and lakefront property is just a sample of what is out there in the fractional ownership of Okanagan presales real estate as owners are increasingly aware that vacation homes site idle for months at a time. With shared ownership of Okanagan properties, homeowners and investors own part of the deeded interest of real estate resorts and they are also available for rental income if you can't make it for your assigned weeks. Fractional or shared ownership models are popping up everywhere in teh resort real estate Okanagan scene and is a smarter choice than timeshares. The pre-construction Okanagan BC market is hot and will continue to rise to the occassion with some of the most amazing master planned communities in the entire country.

The Winter Olympics effect on Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton
Well, you simply cannot say enough about Whistler - a world class resort that has consistently ranked as the top ski and snowboard winter resort in the entire globe. However, what people don't realize is that Whistler has also become one of the greatest summer resort destinations in the world as well! And this is your time to purchase Whistler recreational property. With a lull in real estate recreational home prices in the past five years (and certain years have experienced a slight decline in the market), Albertans are flocking to Whistler to purchase very affordable ski chalets and summer vacation homes along the lake in what is known as one of the hot spots in the all season resort market. Pre-Construction real estate fractional ownership properties are popping up everywhere in Whistler including the new Creekside Evolution condo residences as well as the well established Intrawest Storied Places At Nature's Door luxury homes along the Dave Murray ski run. From Kadenwood to Fitzsimmons Creek resort presales properties are flying off the MLS system and for great reason. As the best ski/snowboard resort and the best summer mountain biking park, Whistler is also home to the Winter 2010 Olympics along with Vancouver and will be on the world stage. Investing in Whistler recreational properties whether it is whole or fractional ownership is a smart move before the market jumps when the Olympics hit town. You can still purchase lakefront and mountain view homes for a fraction of the price when compared with teh late 90s, so why wait until the real estate market jumps exponentially after the Olympics? Riding on the shadows of Whistler, Squamish is now being known as the outdoor recreational destination of the world wher eyou can find and do everything you've ever wanted in teh great outdoors. Squamish presales condos, homes and townhouses are now the hot commodity and many of these new construction real estate developments are actually sold out on teh sales launch day. From the Artisan apartments to presales Soleil and Skye at Coastal Village and from waterfront properties and other recreational homes close to The Chief, Squamish has everything going for it. On the flip side, just half an hour drive north from Whistler is Pemberton, a sleepy resort town with great real estate property deals for Albertans looking to a vacation home that is outside of the hustle and bustle of Whistler. Again, with a lull in pricing, now is the time to purchase properties.

Vancouver Island Resort Property and Pre-Construction Sales
Many residents of Alberta are well aware of the recreational style properties on Vancouver Island. With many selling out during the presales phases, it is increasingly difficult to get your foot in the door when it comes to property on Vancouver Island including the capital of BC which is Victoria. With condominium prices and home affordability becoming a key issue in teh future of this market, Albertans are turning to Parksville and Nanaimo. Parksville offers many beachfront and waterfront fractional or shared ownership condo apartments as well as master-planned home communities that are beautifully designed and developed. Nanaimo is also home to many vacation homes with spa communities in pre-construction phases on Vancouver Island. On the otehr side is Tofino, home to some of the greatest storm surges and recreational beach properties in BC. Whatever you are looking for in terms of a resort investment porperty or vacation residence, Vancouver Island will deliver something that will entice you. The only question is whether you are ready to purchase a presales property right now or if you are going to miss out on these opportunities that don't last very long. Your competition includes overseas investors as well as many tourists from the United States who vacation on the Island.

The Sunshine Coast as an Alternative
Many experts including Ozzie Jurock and Don Campbell have mentioned the Sunshine Coast as a place to experience. With real estate investing, it is very close to Vancouver (just a short hop on the ferry will get you to Sechelt) and many pre-construction fractions and shared ownership properties are sprouting along the West Coast of BC. Some even offer one eighth ownerships which may be perfect for those who want to spend only four weeks a year along BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast. Real Estate in the presales phase come in a variety of options, but most are lots that provide waterviews or are waterfront, providing many alternatives and options for you to build and design your own beachfront cottage. Unlike Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast receives much more sunshine and much less rain in any given year, and it has become a four season resort. As a result, many of the prec-construction vacation property in the Sunshine Coast are sold out quickly after launching to the general public. Sechelt, Bowen Island and Campbell River are three hot spots at the moment, so get your names on the priority registration lists early to have a chance at purchasing a recreational vacation property here.